The City Council tenders a loan for 8.11 million for investments

As detailed this morning the acting spokeswoman of the government team, Mar San Martin, has approved the file to contract a loan to finance various investments in the city during this year, for an amount of 8,117,000 euros. It will have a duration of 10 years, 2 of cadence and the next 8 of amortization.

The counselor explained that the request for the loan is facilitated by “the situation of budget stability of the City of Logroño, complying with all the established parameters, such as the debt limit, spending rule, commercial delinquency, and surplus.”

“This situation – Mar San Martín has underlined – allows us to apply for this loan without being subject to any financial plan or prior authorization from the Ministry of Economy.”

In this regard, he recalled that the limit of indebtedness established for municipalities is placed at 75% of current revenue in 2014 and that the City of Logroño, “even with the request for this loan, is far from this limit and that his living debt is at 49%. ”

Mar San Martín has detailed the investments that will be made with these 8 million euros, actions included in the municipal budgets this year. They will be, in particular, the construction of a new police station; the project of the Glorieta Doctor Zubía- 100 Stores-Plaza de la Paz; the Plaza de México; the construction of the new bus station; the performances on the Camino de Santiago between El Arco and La Grajera; the Story House.

Also included are renovations in the Cortijo and greaderío pools at the La Estrella soccer field; works in the cemetery and the Town Hall; aid for the rehabilitation of buildings in the Old Town, for adaptation of disabled buildings, work to be carried out by technical inspection of buildings; Development Cooperation; and the acquisition of hardware to continue advancing in the electronic Administration.

San Martin recalled that the municipal budget for investments in 2015 amounts to 24 million euros, of which 15 million already have financing through the Loans-n-Loans loan, of savings, for an amount of 3 million euros, and of the remnants of 2014, with 3.5 million euros. “We guarantee public investment thanks to the recovered financial stability,” he said.

In this same line, the Governing Board has approved the commissioning of three projects: the Casa del Cuento, the redevelopment of Vara de Rey from the intersection with Duquesa de la Victoria to Duques de Nájera, and the remodeling of the Plaza de México. The three orders are made to technicians of the Logroño City Council.

The Casa del Cuento will be located in the Galleria Park of Logroño and the project has been entrusted to the General Directorate of Architecture and Rehabilitation.

The aim of this initiative is to make available to the smallest of the city a library specially designed for them and equipped with the latest technology to bring them in a playful and educational way to the world of reading.

The preliminary draft was written by municipal technicians.

The building in which the Casa del Cuento is located in a building dating from the early twentieth century, specifically from 1914, and is the work of the architect Quintín Bello who designed it as a family home of the Herreros de Tejada family. It is estimated an investment of about 2.5 million euros.

It has also approved the commissioning of two other projects to municipal technicians, the redevelopment of Vara de Rey Street from the intersection with Duquesa de la Victoria to Duques de Nájera, and the remodeling of the Plaza de Mexico.

The preliminary projects of both actions have already been drafted through technical assistance and involve an investment of approximately 2,975,721 for the redevelopment of Vara de Rey and 693,712 euros for the Plaza de México. They are entrusted to the Municipal Infrastructure Directorate.